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Marketing Strategies

Differentiation strategy

  1. No brokers. Offers can go from suppliers to local customers directly. Reasonable price for end users.

  2. Group more manufacturers together to do the marketing.

  3. Non-profit promotion.

  4. Sub-layer distribution network

  5. Permanent showroom

  6. Keep developing customer relationship. Build a relationship-oriented business. Build long-term relationships with clients. Become their technical support department, not just a information provider or a products supplier.

Approaches of Sales and Marketing.

  1. News conferences. The most effective way to introduce new products.

  2. Exhibitions. Building and Decoration Material Exhibition holds in China. Unscheduled exhibitions about construction materials hold in Beijing every year.

  3. Product presentation. Taking part in national or regional technical meetings. Getting opportunity to present the products.

  4. Direct Mails. Searching name list by any chance, finding the decision-maker, then post product documents to him/her directly.

  5. Print brochure. Issuing brochures that describe characteristics of the products and installation guilds in details.

  6. Leaflets. Giving brief information about manufacturers and the products.

  7. Press advertising. Pressing advertisements in professional magazines and newspapers such as Home and Garden.

  8. Trial building and showroom. Customers prefer real projects rather than any verbal statement.

  9. Websites. Publishing information about the company and product on the Internet. This is the fastest way for customers to get information about us.

Development strategy

  1. Short term promote products in different way and generate sales individually

  2. Mid term provide total solutions for domestic customers

  3. Long term assist to setup JV or introduce FDI in China


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