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Services to European manufacturers

  1. Making promotion proposal and marketing plan for your products.

  2. Advertising and introducing your products in professional magazines news papers etc.

  3. Developing distribution network and following up with key projects nationwide.

  4. Translating promotion documents into Chinese. Design leaflets or brochures and make printouts.

  5. Displaying your products in our showroom for the whole contract period. Our trained staff will explain your products to all visitors.

  6. Getting certificates and licenses for selling or manufacturing your products from local authorities. 

  7. Taking and processing sales orders of your products, undertaking import formalities.

  8. Setting up after sales service system for your products.

  9. Real time feedback of market demand information.

  10. Taking part in commercial exhibitions on your behalf and follow up with potential customers afterwards. Recommend and explain your products to potential clients in all available details.

  11. If later on you intend to transfer your know-how and equipment to China to set up joint-venture local production, we will help you to find a appropriate partner and assist you in completing joint-venture formalities.

  12. Other services required by your company.


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